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SAMSUNG GALAXY J7 MAX users. ..ATTENTION PLEASE! Your device will get new software update in December, 2020. First week. So till then please wait with patience. Take care. Stay safe.
Software Update is coming for Samsung Galaxy J7 Max. And it may be PIE (Android 9). ☺☺☺
GOOD NEWS! Software update for Samsung Galaxy J7 Max will be rolled out soon. And it may be a major update. That's PIE.
Pie android 9 update is ready to be rolled out for Samsung Galaxy J7 Max? October 9/10 the news is on the air. .please confirm.
50/50 chance to be rolled out PIE update for Samsung Galaxy J7 Max in November this year. Samsung has changed their update policy recently. They are now taking care about of old devices even now. Let's see what will happen. .