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Im getting the message on my phone(21plus) but my phone was home all day whiles i was working can someone pls help me with this...running low on battery....
Whats wrong with my phone! Phone is over heating when charging an doesn't wanna charge beyond 3%...
So samsung hypes us up about their phones and then they disappoint soon as the 21 series was available to purchase..I purchased it its been 2 months an a few weeks an this phone has been over heating in the first week I had it now its doing i...
Hi I received this message after 3 month's...I have my S21+ for 3 month's now still haven't received my charger or ref numberNAME, we've received your charger claim. Your gift will be delivered in the next 2 weeks, due to high demand. We appreciate y...
Hi good day can someone pls help my apps keep closing after opening them...some open bt the pop up appears after 30sec in a app "to stop or report the issue" pls help coz I'm gonna smash this damn's a S21+