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Hello everyone,I recently got a S23 FE, all in all its a great phone, but I am having problem with its battery life. Like it drains very quickly. I have put all heavy apps to deep sleep and everything but still the battery is not so good. Can anyone ...
Hi, I wanted to know if there will be any update for the camera recording. It records video at 4k with 30 fps which is great but the disappointing thing is that the A51 can't shoot 1080 at 60 fps. This phone is great and all but its missing the 60 fp...
Im having an unusual problem with my A51. Whenever i make a slow motion video with my phone, the slow motion video plays with small pauses in it. Like the video is dropping frames and seems to lag. The video is not smooth. Rather the video plays with...
I just got an update for my A51. It included a screen recorder feature. I tried using it but it didnt worked and after some time, the icon then disappeared from the notification panel. If anyone knows how to solve this please do tell.Thanks. 
My samsung A51 is making slow motion videos with little pauses over and over. It feels like that when im playing the video, the video is buffering. I have reset the camera settings but still the issue remains. I even reset my phone but still the slow...