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I'm so much attached to Samsung Notes, specially in my tablet.the other day I tried an app called : Notewise. it has a feature Called : Laser pointer . I wish we will have it someday, Imagining it with extra options, like Controlling the time for The...
I have a request from Samsung to add an option in Samsung Notes to be able to flatten the added image. The point is, when I add an Image in the note, if I mistakenly long pressed or finger touched the Image, it will move and will shift from the notes...
Dear Samsungers, my Samsung Notes in Tab S6 can't sync, saying that No enough space in my Samsung cloud. data size is about 500mb .though , in my Samsung None 8, I have around 2Gb and it syncs with no problem. Any ideas here? Thank you
I used my Samsung Note 2014 10.1 tablet for many years, at home, office, Construction sites, It was my companion since then till I migrated to the Tab S6.Now it's with my daughter and still running very well. Thank you Samsung for such great products...
Dears,It would be So Perfect if a ruler was added in Samsung Notes .hoping the great developers will Consider this in the next update