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Hey guys! So last year I made a list of features that the community wanted to be added to One UI 3, and surprisingly a few of them made it in! Anyway, I figured I'd do the same thing again this year.

Leave a comment below for anything you want to be added and I'll add it to the list! Every requested feature will mark as a solution so don't miss this great chance for receiving solution badges! I intend to send this list to Samsung. I'll ask everyone to do that! Send this list to Samsung via Samsung Members! If more people send it to Samsung, the higher the chance that they'll see it and implement these features! 

NB: All the requested features previously informed by users are added to the list in different categories.

Here's the huge features wishlist for One UI 4:

One UI Home:

When you long-press on an icon, have it so that you can hold and drag to the shortcut you want to open that shortcut. (Instead of having to hold, let go, then tap the shortcut that appears).

When you long-press a folder, it should show all the notifications from the apps in that folder. (Same should go for Game Launcher).

Showing more than 1 notification when long-pressing an icon. (Maybe let us see 3 at once instead?).

Let us long press on the page indicator to quickly scroll between different pages on the home and Apps screens.

Option to have a different home screen layout when in focus mode.

Option to have a “Widgets” section on the left side of the home screen.

Have a “white” icon for the apps button that changes based on if you have night mode enabled or not.

Have an option for labels on the dock (the icons at the bottom of the home screen). These labels were removed with the One UI update, add an option to bring them back.

Add a vertical option for the app drawer with A-Z quick select.

Add an option to remove the dock.

Add widget "stacks". Like on iOS.

Add the “Styles” option from Stock Android: This lets you change the system font, icon shape, toggle style, and accent colours.

Add Material You theming engine.

Third-party icon support from Play Store.

Make "Apply Dark mode to Wallpaper" turn on automatically based on the ambient lighting (auto-brightness basically).

The navigation bar, Buttons and Swipe gestures:

Option to hide the Navbar/Gesture hints on the home screen (but have it appear everywhere else).

Bring back the button to show/hide the navbar (without having to use goodlock).

Bring back gesture on keyboard.

Add a “Zoom in/out” wallpaper effect animation when opening/closing apps, it would look nice.

Option to remove "swiping from the left edge". Most Android apps still use a hamburger menu, being able to remove the left side for back would be a good change (without having to use One-Handed Operation+).

Have the "Swipe gestures" be fully transparent in all apps. Implementing this is dependent on the app developers, Samsung should add this into their apps as well. (The Goodlock implementation doesn’t count, it’s not the same).

Have the default navbar/Gesture hints colour be black instead of white (That’s why the navbar is sometimes white when it shouldn’t be).

When opening and closing the camera app with gesture navigation, there are a delay and Frame drops in the gesture animation. This happens even on the Galaxy S21 series of phones. Please fix this issue, Samsung.

Immersive mode: 

Hide the navbar/Gesture hints when you’re scrolling through an app and you aren’t using it.

When going home and then quickly swiping up to open the app drawer, the Gesture hints animates when it's not supposed to.

Advanced features:

Option to use drawing for gestures. I.e., draw a circle to open the camera app, turn on the flashlight, etc. Like how it is on OnePlus phones.

Option to use three-finger gestures. I.e., a three-finger gesture to take a screenshot.

Let us adjust the sensitivity of "Palm swipe to capture".

Dual apps feature for all apps. (Without having to use Secure folder).

Screenshots and Screen recorder:

Option for 1440p on Screen recorder

Option for 60 FPS and 120 FPS on Screen recorder

Option to show screen touches on Screen recorder

Option to remove the 3-second timer from the Screen recorder. I know they added this, but I meant if it was an option to permanently remove it.

Lock screen:

Make “Lift to wake” work better and respond instantly. Also, add a "Lower to sleep" feature.

Add sensitivity customization for "Lift to wake" and "Lower to sleep".

Option to take a picture with the selfie camera after multiple failed to unlock attempts.

Bring back Motion wallpapers! And add it as an option to the Lockscreen too!

Add a “Zoom in/out” wallpaper effect animation when the screen turns on/off, it would look nice.

Let us rotate the lock screen when using a video wallpaper (Another feature that we used to have, but they removed).

Option for notifications to be hidden until you look at the phone and it unlocks with your face. Used to be a feature in the Android 10 beta, would be nice if they brought it back.

Have an option to “stay on lock screen” when unlocking with the fingerprint.

Have an option so that the weather can appear under the clock.

Make the “Icon” notification style icons larger (And add the borders back, they’re hard to see).

Add more clock styles (And bring back the ones from One UI 2!).

Add album artwork to the lock screen like we used to have back on Marshmallow.

Fingerprint scanner icon customization:

Pick different “fingerprint” icons which all animate differently? Maybe different colours aside from the standard white and black (Have the status bar icons, and the FP icon colour adaptive like the clock is).

Have a section in the Galaxy Themes Store for different Fingerprint icons/unlocking animations, since Samsung is going to add this feature to many phones going forward, having this be customizable would be great.

Choose between different unlocking animations since so many people don’t like the ripple animation. Have something like a laser line going through the fingerprint icon.

I think Samsung could implement this since they let us customize the Iris scanner “masks” on the S8/S9.


There are way too many camera modes, I.e., see below.

Get rid of night mode, it’s already included as part of the scene optimizer anyway.

Combine the photo and night modes (Rename it to “Auto”), just have a button to take a video. 

Combine the Portrait and Portrait Video modes (Rename it to “Portrait”), just have a button to take a Portrait video. 

Combine the Pro and Pro Video Modes (Rename it to “Pro”), just have a button to take a Pro video.

Combine the Slow Motion and Super Slow-Mo modes (Rename it to “Slow Motion”), just have a button to switch between the two slow-mo options.

This change will be beneficial IMO, going from 15 modes down to 10 modes will make the user experience a lot better.

Add a dedicated Astrophotography mode.

Add Clone Videos and Time freeze video modes, like on Xiaomi phones.

Add more "zoom" to the selfie cam, currently, there are only "normal" and "wide" options for zooming, having an option to zoom in even more would be nice, like on Snapchat.

Add exposure bracketing under Pro mode.

Add a sharpness slider under Pro mode/Pro Video mode.

Faster shutter speed:

When Scene Optimizer detects pets or children (Basically, a fast-moving object), the shutter speed should increase to prevent blurry photos. *Also, enabling motion photo makes shutter speeds slow, having motion photos on AND fast shutter speeds would be much appreciated.

The viewfinder has a "preview" of what the frame will look like with the ultra-wide lens (Like on the iPhone).

Portrait Video should work with all objects, not just faces (I would like to take a video of a subject and have my background blurred).

Add an option to have panoramas on the front camera.

Add an option to swap the “Hold shutter button” and “Swipe down on shutter button” functionalities.

After you hold down the shutter button to take a video, let us “lock” the button so that we don’t have to keep it held down during the video.

Add an option to customize the top row of icons and rearrange them (Settings, Flash, Timer, Aspect Ratio, Motion Photo, and Beauty).

Also, some additional toggle suggestions:

HDR (On, Off, and Auto), Resolution (720p, 1080p, 4K, 8K, etc), Framerate (24,30,60,120 fps).

*Some of these resolution/frame rate options are only available in the pro-video mode for some reason.

Add an option to swap the top row and the bottom row (Modes) (Like on Samsung Experience 9, Android Oreo). I’m much more likely to tap between the options at the top than I am to switch between modes. Plus, we can just switch between modes by swiping left/right anyway.

Add Auto FPS on UHD (30 FPS and 24 FPS).

Flash use on the Ultra-Wide lens.

Telephoto lens support in Pro Mode/Video Pro Mode.

AR Emoji in Director’s view: 

Let us have our AR Emoji on our face while using Director’s View. I think Virtual YouTubers aka "Vtubers" would love this.

Add these missing features to the Galaxy S21:

“Macro Mode”: 

S21 Ultra has this feature automatically, I would like it if Samsung somehow added this to the S21 and S21+ as well, even if it meant for us to have to manually focus to use it.

“Portrait Mode”: 

S21 Ultra has Night Mode for Portraits, I think they could add this to the S21 and S21+ as it doesn’t sound hardware related to me.

Add an "underwater mode" for the camera. When underwater we know that the touchscreen doesn't work and sometimes it even detects false clicks and stops video recording, messes with the zoom etc. So, this mode would allow you to disable the touchscreen temporarily and remap all the physical buttons (power, volume up and down and Bixby) and choose their behaviour inside the camera app, be able to save those profiles and swap between them, so you could zoom underwater, toggle flash, take screenshots of the video being recorded or other things.

One could ask, how would you toggle this mode off if the buttons are remapped once enabled and no touchscreen would be available? You could for example hold the volume up and down simultaneously for 3 seconds or hold the power button for 5 seconds (because holding power for two seconds could be enabling the flashlight for example), pressing buttons twice should be customizable too.

And of course, don't worry about being locked outside, if you forget the "escape" combination, once the app hits its idle timer and closes, the touchscreen would be back.

Always on Display:

Bring back the “Rotate” and “Auto brightness/brightness slider” buttons on the Always-on Display (Android 10 update removed these in place of a Settings and Brightness slider button, Android 9 had it perfect).

Adaptive brightness that learns your preferences over time. The phone has this feature already, but the AOD doesn’t.

Add an option to have the Always-on Display rotation “sync” with the phone rotation. For example, if you are in landscape view on your phone, and you press the power button, the AOD should appear in landscape mode.

Have it so that the AOD rotates to landscape depending on which way your phone is facing.

Alright enough with the landscape mode! Here’s some other stuff:

Add more clock styles (Once again, bring back the ones from One UI 2!).

For the “GIF” clock style, there should be an animation when going from the Lock screen to AOD, but there isn’t.

Make the Edge clock style interactive with different widgets and notifications.

Add an option for wallpapers as the Always-on Display, like we used to have back on Android 7 and allow us to make our own.

10 Hz/48 Hz mode for Always-on Display: Galaxy S21 goes down to 48 Hz, Galaxy S21 Ultra goes down to 10 Hz. Having the AOD go down to their respective minimum refresh rates would be good for battery life.

Also, make the Always-on Display brighter, it’s too hard to see. Have an “Outdoor mode” that automatically triggers when the phone is under a bright light.

Widgets (Lock screen):

Make the Facewidgets an open API so that devs can make their own on the Galaxy Apps store! Like how we can download extra Edge panels for example.

Let us add any Widgets to this panel.

Battery and device care:

Bring back Storage cleaning.

Show the “Battery Health” in the “Battery section”. For example, it will say “Your phone is at 85% Battery Health, which is considered good”.

10 Hz/48 Hz mode for Power saving mode: Galaxy S21 goes down to 48 Hz, Galaxy S21 Ultra goes down to 10 Hz. Having the AOD go down to their respective minimum refresh rates would be good for battery life.

Add an option to “Limit max battery charge”. For example, pick 60%, 70%, or 80% as the maximum charge level. I think this feature will GREATLY help with battery longevity. (Add this option to Game Launcher, too) like on Samsung tablets.

Quick settings:

Make it so that tapping on the clock opens the clock app, also an option to display your next alarm here.

Have the arrow on the right of the brightness bar a radio button instead that turns auto brightness on/off.

Have a swipeable section on the clock where you can swipe between the weather, media controls, Galaxy Buds battery level, Galaxy Buds ambient mode/lock touchpad, etc. (Basically, let us add a small widget to the quick settings area).

Move the Search, Power, Settings, and More icons back down to where they were in One UI 2. (Right above the Devices and Media panel would be perfect).

Add an option to make the Quick settings are opaque. (Remove the blur and transparency completely).

Add an option to add "Dynamic blur" to Galaxy A series of devices.

Recent apps menu:

Have the app icons themselves on the bottom.

Put the search bar on the bottom.

Recent apps menu should "update" in real-time, for example, when you turn on Dark mode it should show it in the menu without you having to open the app. iOS implements it like that:https://photos.app.goo.gl/o7JaW3CsqxT9NAQEA

Bixby Routines:

More options for Bixby routines, please! For example, something that lets you change your wallpaper depending on the time of day or if you turn Dark mode on/off.

Add an option to have some “Then” options work for “If”. For example, If Screen orientation is Landscape, then rotate the Always-on Display to Landscape.

Or if Auto brightness is on, Enable Auto brightness for Always-on Display.

Samsung Music:

Let us unlock with Under display fingerprints on the “Control music from lock screen”.

Bring back the old equalizer (without having to use SoundAssistant).

Bring back edge lighting in Samsung Music.

Side Key (Power Button):

Let us launch Google Assistant when long-pressing the Side Key, or just let us customize it.


Smart Home controls on Power menu: This is already a stock Android 11 feature, Samsung should seriously consider adding this to the Power menu.

Samsung Health:

Have a page that shows your current Workout information on top of the lock screen. (For example, how Google Maps and Samsung Music appear on top of the lock screen).

Have a feature to scan barcodes and "nutrition facts" tables to make adding food calories and nutrients easier.

Let us download food lists from different regions.

Expand Photo Remaster to more devices.

Expand Object Eraser to more devices.

Galaxy Store:

The "Updates" section should be for all apps, sometimes some updates for apps don't appear in this section.

Have the language be the same as the System language, rather than having it by SIM card region.

All Samsung apps:

No/Less intrusive ads. With some ads, the status bar and hamburger menu become hard to see. They should invert to black/white according to the ad colour.


Gestures for DeX. I.e., pinching in on the keyboard on your phone will make the on-screen keyboard a floating keyboard.


The "Galaxy Themes" icon should be changed to red to match the colour scheme of the app.

Sounds and vibration:

Add an option to make the phone vibrate when turning the volume up/down.

Samsung Keyboard:

Make it so that Bitmoji sends as a sticker and not an image in apps like WhatsApp.


A/B Partition for Samsung devices.

Streamlining updates, Samsung should release an update on the same day for all carriers (E.g., all Exynos models on the same day). Why do Canadians and US unlocked phones have to wait 2 weeks after the US locked phones get an update?

One UI 4 for more devices would be nice, like the Galaxy A50, A50s, A70 & M30s.

Small annoyances:

Add an option to use the Flashlight when the battery is at 5%.

Add an option to get rid of the slide up menus that appear for Wi-Fi/Bluetooth.

Icons (Expanding on the “Vivid moving icons” concept): 

Have more animated icons. For example, the Gallery app should “spin” whenever the user is copy/pasting photos, compressing a video, etc.

The camera icon should have an “x” in the corner whenever you’re in a video call, to show that you can’t use the camera.

Calendar icon having an exclamation mark over it if you have an important event, rather than the current date.

Samsung music icon should “dance” when music is being played.

Samsung Health icon should be “running” when a workout is currently active.

When an app is being downloaded/installed, the app icon should go "grey" and have a progress bar on it, to show this state (Like on iOS).

When you close/open an app, the icon should “animate”. Like how it is in Stock Android.


Carrier Aggregation for all M and F series of devices.

System UI:

Bring back the old split-screen functionality from One UI 2.5.

Bring back the feature to have Edge lighting on only when the screen is off.

Make the status bar colour "adaptive" like the navbar colour.

Bring back "Wi-Fi Direct" for sharing.

Make UI elements easier to reach, some of them are too high up.

Make the "Screen lock/unlock" sounds louder, they're too quiet even at max volume.

Make System sounds come out of the front-facing speaker as well as the bottom-firing speaker.

Make the customized System sound (Calm, Retro, etc). Change the "Screen lock/unlock" sound.

Revamp Samsung emojis to look more like the iOS ones.

Goodlock for One UI Core devices.

The "Location permission" UI should match how it looks for other permissions.

Individual Dark mode in all apps (For example, how Samsung Music has it).

Bring back the “Use Volume Keys for media” option on the stock, and Goodlock volume panels.

Bring back the Oxygen saturation measurement. Samsung Health got rid of this feature on phones, it would be awesome if they brought it back.

Add different charging animations.

For the status bar, show a volume icon that shows the volume level.

Add gradual wallpapers that change to a dark theme (like on iOS 13).

Make the Adaptive Eye comfort shield work more like the iOS True Tone feature. Currently, the Eye comfort shield is very subtle, I can barely tell when it changes.

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We want zoom effect on homescreen, just like iPhones.. ( do you understand what I want to say?

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Cool list. Although I'm very sceptical whether Samsung will implement even half of them😅

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Security feature - front camera clicks picture whenever wrong password is entered 3 or 'our set' times.

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Kindly share this as a feedback in the get help section

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Yeah I looked at the One UI 3 list too.
Samsung should look into the customer feedback and take into account the constructive criticism. Let's see what the One UI 4 beta brings. Anyways, appreciate your effort man!

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In camera section more new features need to be added instead of rearranging existing modes. Long exposure modes like light trails, milky water etc are common in all phones which r missing in samsung. Cinematic or vlog modes are also part of camera modules in all phones. Some innovation of xiomi are clone videos, time freeze videos etc which enhance the camera experience.

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Will A50 get android 12 update @a50dream

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bypass charging feature in game launcher

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We want zoom effect on homescreen, just like iPhones.. ( do you understand what I want to say?

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Try again! It got fixed!
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Thanks bro
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Have you seen the huge list?
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No man😂, this is so huge.
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Cool list. Although I'm very sceptical whether Samsung will implement even half of them😅

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LOL Yeah! See the One UI 3 Wishlist link in the post and say how many features Samsung implemented... Not even one-fourth but did a great job at their wishlist 😂