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Released in European countries.Should reach India on weekend or next week. 🤔UK changeloghttps://www.sammobile.com/samsung/galaxy-m51/firmware/#SM-M515F
If you facing these bugs then send feedback to useless support channels.A- 2 Same notification when manually updating weather from homescreen widget.B- Video recordings save in HEVC format. But It always show MP4 in default gallery this issue is sinc...
Important!Irony of cost cutting at its finest.Now we gonna see situation where chinese phone are having screen panels from samsung and samsung having chinese panels.As if already having~Mediocre/weak specs for price~Software partiality ~Ads, Third pa...
1st Screenshot- Dark Mode2nd Screenshot- Light ModeIt should be opposite!Grainy blur Gausian BlurAnd no, i don't have Home-Up.
These support channels from Top to bottom don't know anything. Apart from these low Tier support channels I had call conversation with Senior executive of customer experience(highest Tier of support channels).They aren't even aware what is Core versi...