Samsung is known to pack in a ton of features on their Android devices some of which are super handy while others might just be gimmicky and features that one would probably only use once in their lifetime. Nevertheless, features that are useful such as the Samsung Device Care are usually overlooked since most users aren’t aware of the feature in the first place.


What is Device Care??

Samsung Device Care care gives you all the tools you need to keep your device running smoothly, automatically optimising your battery, storage, memory and security. When you open Device care, your phone will run a diagnostic check and give you a score out of 100. The higher your score is, the better optimised your device is.

Where is Device Care?

  • To locate the feature, go to Settings > Device care on your Samsung smartphone.

  • You would now see the OPTIMISE NOW button.

  • Tap on OPTIMIZE NOW and let the feature do its magic.

    • This would automatically remove and unnecessary cache as well as close unused apps in the background to free up some memory.



To check out the battery details, simply tap on Battery when in the Device care screen. From here you can check to see which applications are consuming the battery as well as how long each application has been running in the background or in the foreground. From there you could also access the battery settings by tapping on the three dots. 


All of your apps and files are saved to the internal storage of your device unless you're using an SD card. If you find that you are running out of storage space, Device care can show you if you have any duplicate files, large files or unused files to help you free up some space.


The Memory feature can be accessed by tapping on Memory while in the Device care screen. As the name suggests, using this feature would let you free up some RAM on your device. You would be able to see a list of applications currently running on the device and if you tap on View more, then you would also be able to see the various system apps currently running on the device as well.

The memory on your device quickly loads all of the information about the app or game you are using. If your device is close to using all of it's available memory you may find that your device slows down or apps don't function as they should. You can free up memory on your device by closing apps that are running in the background.


It's important to keep your device secure from any threats to your data. Fortunately Samsung devices are full of security features such as Samsung Knox. The Device care app is partnered with security experts McAfee to help scan your device for malware and suspicious activity.

This too can be accessed via the Device care screen by tapping on Security. Samsung has partnered up McAfee to protect your device from malware and viruses as well as any suspicious activity taking place on your device without you knowing.

Simply tap on SCAN PHONE to begin a scan to check for any security threats that are present on your device.


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