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No S-Secure for S series and Note series

Posted in: Secure Folder

Turns out that s-secure is not available for high end phones. Instead there is secure folder but there is a catch.It is good for hiding media but not for apps.If you want to lock whatsapp for instance it will not lock it. It will actually create a se...

Quick Switch: Switch with Ease!

Posted in: Secure Folder

It's just become easier to switch between your Private folder to Public folder and vice-versa.With the all New AltZ Life, Samsung made it easier to Switch between your private and public Gallery, Private and Public Chats and other private-public acco...

Content Suggestion: The AltZ Life!

Posted in: Secure Folder

Samsung has introduced two new features with the AltZ Life, One of them is- Content Suggestions!Content Suggestions is one of the amazing addition to Secure Folder.Many a times we forgot to hide our Private photos and other such pictures and videos.C...

The AltZ Life is Here!

Posted in: Secure Folder

Samsung has recently launched one amazing addition to Secure Folder 📂 and makes it more easier to secure and create our Private and Public space in our Smartphone.We all have some apps, some confidential documents, images and more in our phone and h...

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