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s10 lite battery drain

(Topic created on: 03-24-2021 10:00 PM)
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HUGE battery drain after the latest update!!
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Hi, please try to enter Recovery Mode and Wipe Catch Partitions after every major update.
For that you have to:
- Switch of your device.
- Connect your phone via the charging cable to your PC.
- Press and hold Power key + Volume Up key + Bixby key at the same time.
- When you phone starts to turn on release all the keys.
- Now you are in Recovery Mode.
- Use the Volume key to navigate down to highlight Wipe Catch Partitions.
- Select by pressing Power key.
- Select Restart Device by pressing Power key.
- Your phone will restart.
Let me know if this solution was helpful.
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Thank you Ambassador for your help on this!