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Too much ads

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How can I stop too much and unnecessary ads of my s21 5g
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To reduce the number of ads on your Samsung S21 5G:

1. **Disable personalized ads**: Go to Settings > Privacy > Customization service > Toggle off "Interest-based ads" or similar options.

2. **Opt out of ad tracking**: Settings > Privacy > Ad settings > Opt out of interest-based ads.

3. **Review app permissions**: Check which apps have permissions to display ads. Disable or uninstall apps that display too many ads unnecessarily.

4. **Use ad-blocking apps**: Consider installing ad-blocking apps from the Google Play Store to block ads system-wide.

5. **Update software**: Ensure your device's software is up to date, as newer versions may include improved ad-blocking features or options.

6. **Check browser settings**: If you're experiencing ads primarily while browsing, adjust your browser settings to block pop-ups and disable tracking.

7. **Avoid questionable sources**: Download apps and content only from trusted sources to minimize exposure to intrusive ads.

8. **Reset advertising ID**: Settings > Privacy > Reset advertising ID. This can help reduce personalized ads based on your browsing habits.

By implementing these steps, you can significantly reduce the number of unwanted and unnecessary ads on your Samsung S21 5G.
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You can also block ads and marketing materials through your carrier.
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Try blocking Ads via Chrome:
You can try blocking Ads via Chrome: 
- Head into the Google Chrome app and tap the 3 Dots
- Select Settings
- Scroll down the page and locate Site Settings
- Tap on Pop-ups and redirects
- Ensure this setting is toggled off, then head back to the site settings
- Select Ads
- Ensure this setting is toggled off
Or, kindly follow the steps below: 
Blocking Ads via Samsung Internet
- Launch the Samsung Internet app
- Tap on the 3 Lines
- Select Settings
- Select Sites and download > toggle on Block pop-ups
- Head back to the Samsung Internet menu and select Ad blockers
- Download a suggested Ad blocker