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Samsung admits Galaxy S24 Ultra display color problem, fix coming

(Topic created on: 01-31-2024 01:43 PM)
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Samsung appears to be working on new software to fix the Galaxy S24 Ultra display Vivid color profile problem. The company’s new premium handset comes with a titanium frame and anti-reflective glass. Meanwhile, the upgraded OLED panel apparently faulty due to any software-derived glitch.

According to a consumer (via Forbes), Samsung is aware of the Galaxy S24 Ultra display Vivid color profile problem. The report also indicates that the company is already working on a fix, which will address the screen issue, which is rendering washed-out colors.


A Samsung consumer reached out to Chat Support regarding his S24 Ultra’s concern. The support executive said, “No worries, our Samsung developer team is currently working now to fix this issue on your device. Rest assured that this coming software update will fix our problem on our Samsung S24.”

It’s worth noting that the media playback remains unaffected by the bug in the Galaxy S24 Ultra. This means you can watch video and enjoy games using the full-color capabilities of Samsung’s latest OLED panel while waiting for the bug to be fixed

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