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Samsung Announces Galaxy S24 Series Update, Offering Galaxy Users More Choices

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With Galaxy AI, Samsung aims to empower you with the ability to conduct barrier-free communication, unleash creativity and enhance productivity. Early users of the Galaxy S24 series are experiencing just that — but different users have varying needs.

Based on your feedback, through an upcoming update, we aim to provide enhanced options and experiences across the device display and camera, enabled by advanced hardware and software integration efforts. Read on to learn more about the Galaxy S24 updates and how you can harness them to level up your device.

Personalize Your Viewing Experience
Galaxy users have varying preferences when it comes to their mobile device display. That’s why we tuned the Galaxy S24 series’ display for a more natural and customizable viewing experience. By adjusting the “Vividness” option under display “Advanced settings,” you can now enjoy a more vibrant display.

Capture Every Moment, As It Happens
The Galaxy S series has long been known for its industry-leading camera experience, and the Galaxy S24 series takes this to the next level with further optimization of key camera functions. We have made enhancements across the camera experience, including upgrades to the device’s zoom functions, Portrait Mode, Nightography, rear camera video shooting capabilities and more.

Communication Without Language Barriers
We aim to continue driving toward our goal of providing barrier-free communication for all.

We are committed to listening to you, and we will continue to evolve Galaxy technology — driving our vision forward and unleashing new possibilities for the future.

Updates will begin rolling out in February.



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In my humble opinion, this should have been a day 0 update not a celebrated achievement or a 'you spoke we listened' marketing stint... People will thank them for doing what they should have done out of the box 🤷🏻 better late than never.