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S22 has the new WiFi 6e

(Topic created on: 02-23-2022 01:53 PM)
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A SpeedTest recently conducted shows the difference between Wi-Fi 6 & Wi-Fi 6E. increased network connectivity and reliability when connected to the same network

One is the iPhone 13 Max Pro that has the Wi-Fi 6 & the other is the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra uses the newer Wi-Fi 6E technology.

From the Speedtest, we see that the Download speed of the Wi-Fi 6E is 1,129 Mbps and the Wi-Fi 6 is 402 Mbps. Whereas the Upload speed of the Wi-Fi 6E is 1373 Mbps and the Wi-Fi 6 is 262 Mbps.

In both cases, the Wi-Fi 6E is more than two times faster than the Wi-Fi 6. 🤯💯 


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Thanks for for this info,
It's nice to know.

poor me my intenet package tops out at 60mbps. 😅
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Sometimes my packages too tbh 🤣😂
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Awesome info thx for that can u do comparison not sure spelled that word correct but can u do snapdragon vs. exnsos
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You spelled the word comparison correctly and yes I will try my best to do a comparison. 👍
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Cool post! Thanks for sharing Ambassador! 

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Always a pleasure 💕
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I read about it last month
I think it's only supported by new wifi modems
And it is a battery demanding service
Keep that in mind
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Yeah for sure will experience more battery consumption but it's always a good thing to have. 🙌
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WiFi 6e it is also with s21 ultra.