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S22 Ultra 512GB Pre-Order From Samsung Online

(Topic created on: 02-09-2022 08:59 PM)
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Hurry Up.

Awesome deals on Samsung Website(X5 loyalty points, 734AED redeemable E-voucher, 1 free wireless charger, 1 extra year of Samsung Care Plus) Although i tried as soon as the pre-order went online, i wasn't able to get the free accessories i wanted as they went instantly out of stock. 

Got the S22 Ultra Phantom Black 512GB Variant. 

Was able to redeem of my FREE 734AED e-voucher that is included with the pre-order the following:
1 25W charger
1 Clear Case
1 Clear Case with a stand. 

Everything else went out of stock, i kept selecting them but they did not appear on checkout, so that's money lost unfortunately. I even called Customer support of the E-Shop, but there was nothing they could do. 

I wanted to get:

Fast Wireless Charger Duo
45 W Fast Charger
Samsung Keyboard. 

In the end, i was able to redeem a coupon that gave me 1 extra year of sSamsung care + (Total of 2 years now) and a Fast Wireless Charger Single.

Better than nothing, but still unfair. 

My advice, buy directly from www.samsung.com



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Still I haven't revived my pre order. The tracking service says delivery series didn't received the product yet. I placed pre order on the day of launch 🤷‍♂️.
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Where are you located? I would have lost my temper. There are a lot of orders, not cause it's awesome, but all the Note users who didn't buy last year were added, on top of the global shortage.
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I am in Dubai. Yeah and also I ordered red color 😅.