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S20 display green tint

(Topic created on: 08-09-2020 08:42 PM)
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The problem that was supposedly fixed since may started on my one week old S20. A green tint on the whole screen throughout all apps. Changing the refresh rate didn't help, infact it's worse on 60hz. 
The problem is also associated with the constant appearance of a grey spot at the site of the proximity sensor just to the right of the selfie camera.
Filed an error report and contacted samsung support. Didn't get a reply on the 1st and all the suggested solutions from the support personnel didn't work.

PS: they also suggested a full factory reset which i didn't do because i simply can't afford it. And that's not acceptable me after i invested a 1000$ on a brand new device.

Can you atleast aknowledge there is an issue and tell us when and how to expect a fix. 
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this is what same can offer as usual factory rest . then 3 days on samsung maintenance . so just go and return the phone and take your money back and complain to consumer if they don't wont to refund your money back
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Hi, I suggest you to visit the nearest Samsung authorised service centre, your phone is still under warranty so no worries.
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you have to back up all your data and then do factory rest.. if still the same then you should check any service center ad you still under warranty.
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Hey there,

We are sorry to hear that.

Please visit the nearest service center for the phone to be checked by our team.


Thank you

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same issue. do you offer any solution by your side?