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It was a bad day when I decided to buy an S24ultra phone

(Topic created on: 02-26-2024 03:39 AM)
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The worst treatment is with Samsung, who always make me angry, until it made me reach the point where I wanted to break the phone after it had a manufacturing defect. They refused to replace it under the pretext that a week had passed, and they insisted on repairing it. After repairing it, stains and colored square shapes appeared on the screen, and they had 9 days to contact customer service who had a disorder. In the statements... sometimes they admit that there are spots on the screen, and sometimes they say we are waiting for the technical report to respond, and the last of them was that they said that your phone does not have a problem and you should accept it as such.

I want to contact Samsung in Korea. I will not accept this farce
I opened the phone for them to install screen protection, and it actually has a manufacturing defect, and the phone now looks like it has been used for years, even though I did not even turn it on or insert a SIM card.

I hate this phone and will not use it, and if it comes to that, I will go pick it up and break it in front of them, as long as in the end I am the loser and no one helps me.

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Sorry to hear such a horrible experience
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Same it happens to me before in s21
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call dubai DET they will help