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Samsung Discoloration on Note 9 and S9 Plus

(Topic created on: 09-25-2022 10:27 PM)
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I have been using Samsung for almost 10 years. I used to fight with iphone users and boast about advanced technologies available in Samsung. I bought Samsung phone for my dad, mom and my sister. So we are a Samsung family. But this issue of discoloration have changed my mind.

I bought Samsung Note 9  for myself and a Samsung S9 Plus for my wife. in 2019 end. Both these phones started getting this issue by 2020 end. Since I had spend too much money on these phones, have been living with this from past two years with the work around of Always on display and tapping on the phone to get always on display so that discoloration issue will not show up. For s9 plus I cannot increase the brightness which makes it practically unusable when my wife goes outside.

If a software update caused this issue, Samsung had the moral responsibility to roll back the update. I see so many Samsung users facing this issue. Whether its yours or your bloatware apps careless update that caused this issue,  its your responsibility to issue a counter update to fix this. Have searched in Samsung Community to see if Samsung has responded. Did not see any response. Was badly hoping they would issue some kind of fix for these phones.

So this is end of my Samsung phone Journey.  My next phone will be an  iphone.  I prefer Quality and longevity over your foldable phone and high mega pixel camera phones. What use is  these technologies if it does not  work after a year.

Good Bye Samsung Phones !!! 

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I have also had a Samsung Galaxy 
S9 Note for 2 years. I handle it
very carefully and there are no
signs of scratches or damage.
A few months ago my mobile turned
green with stripe when I
opened the screen. When I leave it
for 10-15 minutes or when I turn
it on, the screen is fine.
But after a few minutes it turns
green. I have seen that many
users have the same problem and
think that it happened after the
update made by you. Your company
has not responded to this problem
and many of us will leave Samsung
devices forever. If you have the
opportunity, solve this problem.


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Having same issue.