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Hi guys, just wondering about other Exynos user experiences. From what I've seen, its similar to mine.


- Temperature is crazy. Most times it idles in the low 20's but idles around 32-35. Cpu temp got to 46 degrees and battery 41 degrees playing a low end game. (nothing like PubG/Cod Mobile)

Got hot the first time I used it using the camera.

-  Battery drain... Drains around 10% overnight doing nothing

- Has rebooted itself without me doing so.

- Scrolling in the swipe down menu is sluggish sometimes. (60hz) even though the app pages are smooth.


Using my A80 under the same conditions, I have never experienced any of these issues that i's having on this phone.


I have spoken to the retailer and they said they'll send it to Samsung for assessment but with past dealings with samsung service center, i'm assuming it will come back with no fault found. (sent earbuds with video evidence of a fault which they couldn't replicate so nothing happened)


Should I just stick it on Ebay and just be done with this phone.


Would love to hear your thoughts/experiences



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bro you know that in present scenario exynos **bleep** so if u had a good budget either go for snapdragon chipsets handsets or apple iPhones
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they just dont seem to address the battery drain.. Since s10 plus dealing with this company's ignorance towards something essential as battery drain..