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My favourite accessories

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As you know, I got the Buds Live yesterday in Mystic Black. I have paired it with my Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G. And here is my first impression - while the Buds+ was amazing, the Buds Live just fits properly in my ear. I have to say I have small ears and I am in love with how the Buds Live fits for me 😁 And no, it doesn't feel uncomfortable at all. I guess it is on the way to being my most favourite. 

I have to say my Buds+ worked seemlessly and tirelessly with the phone.

Another one is something that comes with the phone itself - I LOVE this S Pen 😍 I will almost never stop talking about it 😂

I am one for a 360° protection for my phone, no compromises for that. The Protective Standing Cover is just awesome, here is the link to that: https://www.samsung.com/ae/mobile-accessories/protective-standing-cover-galaxy-note20-ultra-ef-rn985...
Oh, and Samsung has got so many different really cool cases even one with LED display 💯

The next one I really want to try with my phone is the Galaxy Watch Active 3. 

Tell me in the comments below which phone do you have and what are your favourite accessories 😁

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s10+ buds plus 🤗 looking forward to buy buds live too! but again they launched new bud with improved NCS
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Oh cool 💯
Yes, they did. Wanna try it all, isn't it?
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Awesome review, thanks Ambassador!