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Galaxy Unpacked Experience - 7th August

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So, we juuuust got out of the Barclay's Center! And I cannot wait but tell you the news! Of course you all might have seen the Unpacked video already, but if not, here's a short summary!


1. 2 new Galaxy Notes were announced along with a 5G variation. Also the Watch Active 2 and the Tab S6 were reintroduced. 

2. Samsung & Microsoft are launching a partnership with very deep links between both, in terms of UI/UX and environments. 

3. There is also a new Samsung Book S launching soon, which is AMAZING! It has a Snapdragon processor, a USB type-C charging port, which means you can even charge it with the same charging cable as your latest Galaxy smartphones.

4. Samsung is also partnering with UNDP, to create more awareness about the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals, and with the help of Samsung's community (us), to proactively take a step... or a leap towards achieving at least some of them!


Also, as a side note, the Notes come with quite a few advancements, including a 3D AR Doodling feature for videos, a very well equiped video editing suite and above all, 45W Super Fast Charging (it's a paid extra... but of course, there'll be some who see the need for it!


Oh and one more thing. The new S Pen is equipped with 6 axis motion sensors to let you use gestures for various functions. And they are repeasing an SDK to help developers enable S Pen gestures for their mobile apps too!


But you know what is the BEST thing of all? We got a selfie with... DJ KOH! 



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Amazing 👏🏽