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So, I used a Note 4... long back. Quite a long while back. And while we did have the Notes app, where we could doodle and scribble, it was definitely nothing like the Pen Up community app. Pen Up is a whole different world!    The thing about Pen Up ...
Amongst all the work that we did at Unpacked... work? Work? Who am I kidding? :face-with-stuck-out-tongue-and-winking-eye:    We had a ton of fun at Unpacked! Every workshop was like this huge party where we just had oodles offun figuring out what ex...
So, we juuuust got out of the Barclay's Center! And I cannot wait but tell you the news! Of course you all might have seen the Unpacked video already, but if not, here's a short summary!   1. 2 new Galaxy Notes were announced along with a 5G variatio...