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mask apps was a great feature of s secure, But after download a 30 mb update of 3-july-2020 update, it is not working properly.
Before this update any app wich is masked, was worked in s secure. but now, if i want to run a masked app, it is not running. to run masked app it require to unmask it. which is very hatful. apps also not working in background when it is masked

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Hey if you're still facing this issue with the Secure Folder, then please turn out to the feedback section and raise an error report.


Kindly follow the steps as below:


 Log in Samsung Members app > Click “+ button” at the bottom right > Click “Send feedback” > Click “Error reports” > Add detail of the issue and attach the system log data (click checkbox)


*When you abstract the log file. Please check off the pop-up message: log file delivered


You can also check this link which explains in detail the entire steps to send feedback: https://r2.community.samsung.com/t5/Community-Guidelines/Send-Feedback-Report-a-Bug-to-Samsung/m-p/3...