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A7 2017

(Topic created on: 01-24-2019 12:00 AM)
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Dear Team, It's almost 3 weeks and 3 days completed why still January 2019 Andriod Security Patch update is still pending for A7 2017 but for A5 2017 is already released. Pathetic and feel very bad in using Samsung phones..totally irritates me to keep on writing...almost the month is getting over but still I need to ask for each and every thing..kindly state why this discrimination. Still there is no proper update Andriod Pie release for A7 2017 and ONE UI as well. At least, the security patch should have a proper update in order to avoid vulnerabilities while using your Samsung phone. Really Atrocious and with great disappointment I am writing this to you guys...very very poor service rendered by Smasung Team. Worst Worst Worst...I trusted you guys but no use at all...I have 4 Tabs and 8 Samung mobile phones with one Samsung Gear but it's of no use now to feel for anything. Made a mistake in buying your brand products that too with higher/premium cost during the initial release.
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Kinda weird that they didn't patch up your phone model at this point. We're heading to Feb 1st security patch level and you're still behind.
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i feel you bro .
but what we can do that is Samsung just wait
and I think the android 9 it will come to A7 2017 maybe in Jun or Jul