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A52S model - Issue in Biometric and Samsung Pay pin

(Topic created on: 05-13-2024 04:56 PM)
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Hi Team,

Fingerprint is not working correctly after the latest security Patch update. I tried to register again, but no luck.

Also, I am unable to use Samsung wallet app, the PIN I automatically entered by wallet app itself, so could not use it properly. The cache and data cleared and tried, still no luck. Also uninstalled and installed again, which is also not fixing the issue.

However the keypad is working correctly.

Kindly suggest for a quick fix.

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For the fingerprint issue, please follow these steps:

Ensure you are using a compatible screen protector.
Check that the screen protector or touchscreen on the fingerprint recognition sensor area is not scratched or damaged.
Various factors such as the condition of your fingers and surrounding environment may affect fingerprint recognition performance.
Test the device through the Samsung Members app.
If the issue persists, please visit the nearest service center. You can find the nearest service center using the following link:https://www.samsung.com/ae/support/service-center/

For the wallet issue, please perform the following steps:

Long press on the Wallet app.
Tap on the information icon for more app information.
Select "Storage."
Tap on "Clear data," then tap on "Delete."
After resetting the app, you will need to re-add your card details and set a new passcode.
However, if the issue remains unresolved, please raise it as an error report through the Samsung Members app. You can do this by following the instructions provided in the following link: https://www.samsung.com/ae/support/mobile-devices/raising-an-error-report-via-samsung-members-app/ 

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I found a setting which makes us eligible to pay using face detection. Even though I turned it on, it's not working. Any idea?