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Hello I have just tried using 18 watt charger for my s10plus and it really works it will charge device 5 to 10 mins faster,But please use original charger for better battery performance.I just tried 18 watt,it seems okay with fast charging.
Weather app and widgets are very easy and handy to use in previous version.In widget it is very easy to see all added location weathers in a simple swipe,I dont know why they removed it,and #to my comparison on weather swiping is way easier,I dont kn...
There are few features are updated I think this will help.
The new update with android 10 rolled out just checked the update,one ui 2.0 is released today with security patch for december for s10plus#galaxy s series please check the update.
Hello guys I need the best screen protector for the s10plus. any suggestions.