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Hi friends, Reinstall software means? update software I'm right?
finally I'm saying who are facing these problem on m30s fast charging issue after July security patch level update if you need to urgent Simply go to Samsung service center and just install new softare then the problem is solved or if you don't need ...
Hi friends, Still no one tell exact solution for this problem. I already posted one week back, The problem is charging issue, I'm using M30s mobile it's supported fast charging but im facing problem when I put charging it's shows notification cable c...
Hi friends, can anyone tell how to get Rosemary fonts and cooljaaz fonts on M30s I will try some techniques but it's not workout and try Zfont App also it's supported android 9 only it's can't supported android 10. And can anyone one tell Rosemary Re...
Hi friends, M30s fast charging not working I'm used Samsung mobile box charger, and I change another charger it's also original but problem is same, what's the problem?