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Stop it! Stop f-ing with my phone.Im tired of these updates shi#s.This is the reason why everyone is changing their platforms to iPhone.And I believe I'm gonna do the same if this keep happening to me.Ever since this morons discontinued J series and ...
I heard some people are experiencing some problems in J8.I still have it in cue though.Galaxy A7 is cool but also got some petty issues after it's update to Pie.I'm gonna think twice before updating Galaxy J8 to Pie.What do you think?
Anyone who got the update please respond.*There's an additional feature 
New Samsung Galaxy S10 rumors point to what may be the most exciting phone of 2019, which makes sense given the incremental upgrade that was the Samsung Galaxy S9. The South Korean company is poised for a major overhaul. Current Samsung Galaxy S10 r...
Device List  Device                                                  Eligibility                           Expected release date  Galaxy Note 9             Eligible                    Q1 2019  Galaxy Note 8             Eligible                    Q2 ...