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My Galaxy buds + left earpiece is not connecting, it always show disconnected. tried reseting it charging it.Any sugveations
Headphone jack stops working whenever I change volume or get a notification, play pause music video or get a call when I'm listening someyhing. I have to restart the phone to make it work again.It's a random issue I'm facing. Can anyone help?
#s20plus #camera #scan when did new apps starts coming with degradation over old app and that too on a camera application. Camera app uodate
Hey,I'm using galaxy buds + and galaxy watch with my galaxy S20+.I'm facing Bluetooth connectivity issue using both at the same time. If any of the devices disconnects the other get disconnects with my phone automatically. Example: if I'm moving away...
Does anyone else here facing issues with headphones.When the headphones are connected to USB-c port whatever I'm playing music, video the sound come from the speakers for 1 second or 2 than it switches to headphones.