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Does anyone else here facing issues with headphones.When the headphones are connected to USB-c port whatever I'm playing music, video the sound come from the speakers for 1 second or 2 than it switches to headphones.
Only after 1 month, the charging port stopped working and its been more than 10 days it's still in service center. This is the first time in my 10+ years of experience with samsung where I am purchasing a premium device which is almost a lakh rupees ...
Camera lense are vibrating when switching to live focus mode in note 9.
S pen not working properly on Gboard. it's skipping words while gliding or swiping. sometimes Gboard doesn't even recognize Spen.
Just got my new note9 today, #superexcited #note9. it's awesome. although it's both back camera lenses are not centered aligned. it's just me or it's normal?