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I don't like the transparent notification bar in One UI 3.0.Is there anyway I can change it??Please at least give some option.Don't force any such change....!! 
Can call history grouping feature like google phone app and truecaller and categorisation of messages like Microsoft SMS Organiser please be provided in Samsung default Phone and Messages app???These are basic apps which need to be robust..!Think abo...
I get sms which I have blocked in messages app. Please see they should not be seen on face of opening messages app.Please see Microsoft SMS Organiser and try to incorporate it's features. The features for blocking and archiving are very good.#blocked...
The calls from same caller are not grouped in recent tab in Samsung phone app. Truecaller gives an option to group calls from same caller. It becomes easy to trace the recent calls if calls from same caller are grouped. Suppose if I get 100 calls fro...
Group Calls in call history Dear team,Please see the attached feature available in truecaller and google phone app. This is a very basic feature but very useful...!! Why can we not have such a feature in Samsung default Phone App??.