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Hello everyone, i have been using my M21 from thr past 8 months and now i am noticing some strange white material between sensor and the back panel. It surely doesn't seem like its only dust. Can anyone tell me what is it? It is bugging me a lot to s...
I installed accubattery on my phone to check its battery health and even after multiple sessions it seems to show the capacity at 87%. My friend is also getting the same data. Is it a problem with the app or is my battery actually bad?
When is oreo update coming to galaxy on8? The update has already come on J7 2016.
Will A9 PRO get oreo update?
i own a galaxy on 8 which i purchased 4 months ago the drains like water and charges like negligible it requires 4 hours to get it from 45 to 100. and when i unplug it after full charge it goes to 97 in wink of an eye should i buy a new battery or is...