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Earlier, before the android 10 update, my galaxy had an option called "allowed devices" in mobile hotspot. It allowed me to share my internet with my preferred devices. After Q it's missing.Why did you remove this feature!! Man🙄
For the first few days after the android 10 update, my phone was running slow. I could notice hangs at times.But now, it works fine like a champ without any lag. Is your phone back to normal?Share your comments!
Going through the community feed, I find people reporting hassles on the samsung devices.I believe that, samsung has reduced its quality in its recent releases to tackle the cut-throat competition. Is it so?I'm a J series user. Yeah my phone has some...
Since the update, I have been witnessing app crashes and freezes at times. Do you have the same issue? If so please guide me how to correct it!!!I face stutters with notification tray, linkedin, and recent section!!
After the android 10 update, the charging speed seems low. It takes more time than usual. On charging the phone, the screen undergoes a dormant transformation with the battery percentage. Go to settings>display>turn off the "show charging information...