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hey Samsung! You are my favorite company and I do not like any other than Samsung, Sir, there has been some problem related to some software in my gallery, due to which I am unable to edit any photo in the gallery, I have encountered this problem for...
Samsung's Please provide me the Secure folder with an update, I need it very much.πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
Dear Samsung, You are our favorite and number 1 company. We m30 users security also becomes your priority and we are in dire need of secure folder. Therefore, you have full confidence and hope that you will provide us a secure folder by giving us the...
Hello sir! I use m30 mobile. Secure folder app is not installed in my mobile. Please help me.🀨
Hello sir, My mobile is m30. After the new update of Android 10 is not working properly. There is a lot of hang, so there are a lot of problems in using. Therefore, I hope that you will try to fix the problem of hanging in my mobile by giving new upd...