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Hey other A50s users there,After the recent June Patch, I have noticed that the Amazon Prime Video streaming in A50s is no longer smooth as it used to be before the update. There's lagging while playing a movie or series in Prime Video, like stutters...
How's the camera quality guys(A50s users)?Do you feel it's degraded after the Android 10 update?
To all the Galaxy A50s users, Hey guys I have created a WhatsApp group for A50s where participants can share their problems,experiences,issues, etc related to their device(A50s).Note: This group is about A50s users only and NOT A50. Users of devices ...
While charging my device A50s, the charging sometimes stops at a particular percentage. I mean the charging stops at 90% and then it gets stuck there. The percentage doesn't increase. Then after reinserting Charging Pin few times, the charging contin...
Hey guys! I just wanted to know, if there is a WhatsApp Group for A50s users only where they share their problems and experiences with the device? If such a group exists please send me a link because I am keen to join such a group.