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I haven't received any software or security patch update since May 18 on my Pakistan variant S24 Ultra.... but many international variants of S24 ultra has received this month's update... has anyone else have received this months software update on t...
Guys I wanted to know that if any of you are having issues on call while using voice focus mode on S24 Ultra. Whenever I use voice focus instead of standard mode. The other person on call will always complain that they can't hear me and my voice disc...
So I just purchased S24 Ultra almost 5 days ago. I have been using spen alot and I noticed that my S-Pen tip is getting rougher which I did not expect to happen. Can anyone please tell me from where I can buy genuine S-Pen tips for S24 ultra in Pakis...
I bought S24 ultra 3 days ago and I accidentally dropped it today . I was just checking for any damages and I noticed some rattling sound from camera when I shake my phone. Now I don't know if that sound existed before I dropped my phone . Can anyone...