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if we analyze trend of s/w of samsung A50, every update give worse user experience than before. So if just preasume DECEMBER 2020 security patch update phone will definately gona dead or maybe blast and samsung customer care and other mods will still...
This is geekbench 5 score of A50 which runs on android 9*Single core*Anyone had done test geekbench 5 test on A50 running on one ui 2 after june update ... any improvement in score.?Plz suggest me is it worth to update one ui 2 or should i still use ...
Samsung A50 ONEUI 2.0Plz tell how much you get SOT after the update.. also what about charging speed. Because there is nothing new in ONE UI 2 also every update ruins smartphone performance. So should i update or not android 9 works well in my a50......
Samsung and other foreign companies who earns billions from Indian people.. please anyone tell how much they contribute for indian now..?
After a buggy update Samsung rollback the one ui update. But after a week there is no stable update yet.