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I have been facing network hanging issue like long time now ...even after I turn on the network it doesn't turn on and after some time it automatically turn on aeroplane mode and turn off....sometimes it takes too much time ..and next is the restarti...
The only hope was the latest update to android 10 ...and breaking all the Hope's the problem still persist.......fed up with this **bleep**#@!
Thank you samsung ..i am very happy with the auto restart you give me everytime First it was only once or twice a day now it 3 4 and even 5 times a day ...I don't know how to thank you about that.....And the response you have for this problem was go...
Me :- (not using the phone)My phone  :- Haaa....let me restart and irritate him !!I think many can relate this .....
Its very disappointing that m30s restarting issue is not yet fixed ...many users are facing this issue and has been complaining but no response is been given by the samsung team....requesting to fix this issue for approx 1 month...please respond some...