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I've been using Google messages for long time and when I switch to Samsung messages it doesn't let me use chat features It always says registration failed. What's reason for this what can I do about it. Please help :)
How can I remove this end call screen on one UI 6
I recently shared a post of asking "how to get call recording on Samsung devices" which is call recording is unavailable and lot of you guys told me to use third party application. But it's not successful. It can't record both ends. So I came across ...
Does anyone know how to enable call recording on unavailable devices like mine. Through Samsung phone app or third party application that allows to record call from both sides 
Hello I'm using Samsung galaxy A14 4g and few days earlier I tried to turn on customization services in Samsung account and it cannot be turned on. I tried it multiple days and everytime it says "the server didn't respond. Try again" . Need your help...