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After updating to OneUI 2.5 now i am feeling that I'm using a Samsung quality phone.Its operations are very smooth now and with deep sleep apps in the battery settings i can sleep all apps when not opened for actual battery improvement. Very good wor...
Samsung is shutting down Samsung Cloud Drive from June 2021.Why Samsung is shutting this very useful asset ?
Screenshot of battery backup of A50s from 90% battery to 15% battery -3 hrs 53 min SOT.This battery backup is after disabled Bixby, disabled Google Assistant, sleep apps option On, Wifi scanning off and without gaming.Do anyone have worse battery tha...
This battery backup is without any type of gaming and disabled Bixby and Google assistant.Battery percentage from 90% to 15%.Really disappointing.
Under edge lighting feature of A50s, full message should be displayed at the screen for the customizable time duration. Only a single line of the message is displayed as a model for 5 sec only. The reader couldn't read the message as it disappears ve...