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Can someone please tell me when we can expect a new update for our devices? It has already been three months since the last update, and there is still no news about it, nothing. How long do you expect us to be patient for an update with all the bugs ...
are there any updates on pipe for f14 or not coz its already 3 months since the last update was given. any info on that.
Dear Samsung,I am not a gaming person; I am a multimedia person. That's why I bought this budget F14 mobile, and so far, it has been good with occasional lags when switching between big apps and some sound crash glitches while switching from app to a...
why there is no screen mirroring or smart view option on samsung f14 5g? and i couldnt able enjoy the only for samsung features on link my windows to pc like, opening my samsung gallery from my pc via mirroring etc. pls add the screen mirroring and l...
its already like 2 months since the last update was given to f14 and that too with lot of bugs, performance and touch isuues still to fix, which hadnt fixed by march update!! yet we still not even got an april update while others were waiting for may...