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We want Samsung One ui version 1.5 for J7 Pro users in India. Confirm and send in the software update.
We want Samsung One UI version 1.5 in J7 Pro.Send in the next software Update. We are eager to see the new update.
Is there any chance for J7 Pro 2017 getting software update to Samsung UI 1.5 version. What are changes that can be seen from present version 1.1 to 1.5. Is the handset compatible to 1.5 version.
How to set Icon in One sided manner in J7 Pro as in A50 s . Anyone can guide
Has anyone purchased and started to use Galaxy M30s. How is it. I wish to change J7 pro to this. Is it correct. When will the price drop for this model.Also let me know the difference of A series and M series. I require your opinion on this.