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I filed complaint in consumer forum against Samsung fake and false advertising the f62 product.  This legal process is slow but i won't be tired and won't stop. New life experience. 


All f62 users write emails to and right all the problem like Low benchmark scores and low antutu scores Battery issue Heating issue with screen shots attached for proof. Just keep mailing every day same mail.
Do all m51 user get monthly updates?  What is Samsung policy for f62? Do F62 have 3 major updates?  I think it's 2 major updates 


After long debates with different Samsung customer care executives and with Samsung service center finally they are ready to escalate my f62 low benchmark scores problem to their technical team..let's hope they have solutions.  Initially they were in...
Did anyone went to service center regarding low antutu scores in f62 ? What they said ? Did problem solved?