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Dear Samsung Team,You should introduce 60 &120 FPS video recording option on camera App. Also need to push carrier agreegation on Galaxy F62 as it have full on speedy flagship Exynos 9825 processor.This two features needed to complete this phone feat...
Hi Samsung Team, I'm using samsung pass but feel some important feature not have in this currently. Those features are better for security & smooth user experience.1. Enable its Autofill features on other browser also like chrome, etc..2. Automatic P...
Friends raise your Voice to knock Samsung team for provide Carrier Aggregation on all Galaxy A, M & F series in upcoming next software update. We are waiting for this from long time but till now no action taken..Raise Voice to Knock them..
Carrier Aggregatotion does not supporing on galaxy F62. Samsung pls enable CA to all eligible samsung galaxy phones for better data usage. Its demanding by most of user from long time. Pls work it on & share positive feedback.