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According to new reports from popular blog Tizen Help, Samsung is experimenting with bringing advertisements to users' lockscreen in its One UI 2.0 and above. Is it True??
Flash memories are very useful, because with the help of flash memory you can have faster access to your data. To better understand flash memory let's take an good example of Latest generation Laptops/Workstations. Latest generation Laptops have a bu...
My mobile phone charges very slow when I charge it with samsung's original charger(almost 6-7hrs to get fully charged) but the problem gets solved when I charge it with samsung's original adapter and and a different data cable from "boat" but the mob...
What to do my New samsung galaxy a6 plus, which takes 5-6 hrs to fully charge while earlier it gets fully charged within 1-2 hrs but now it takes 5-6 hrs to get fully charged. I had also done the hard reset of my phone but it was of no help. what to ...