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 I don't know about these levels much. All i know is that it took just around 1-2 months to reach Active Level 6 from Beginner. I thought Active level 7 would take some 1 month but it took 6+ months to change from Active level 6. I once thought that...
 Pic 4 & 5 par btaya hai settings esi pics ke liye, and han handheld li hai picsIt was pitch dark, so my settings were this 200 ISO,Shutter Speed 1/90 secondsAnd don't forget to switch to this one.It took around 355 clicks to get these best shots, Ra...
Tried to capture thunder handheld without pro mode, and it badly failed*it was pitch dark
9 proFEBoth are equally good :) but 9 pro is what I'll pick here Catch here is that, i switched to night mode on s21fe (took 3 seconds) and Oneplus 9 pro on default (took 2 seconds)Yes, that was hassleblad tuning :)Oneplus was my dream phone since sc...