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Battery backup got worse after the march update. Phone isnt lasting even a day. Battery time left is showing 1 day in device care. Suddenly One ui is using too mucj battery. How can i fix this???Is this happening only with me????Battery backup is dec...
My M30 is taking too long to charge even in fast charging mode. I use only samsung original charger. Charge is draining too fast even when i am not using my phone that much. It doesnt even last a day .Before it used to take 1-1.5hrs to charge.Now its...
I iust saw this and was surprised . Dont understant if its a bug or something elseCheck the notification panelI restarted my phone and now its fine
When will M30 get its next update. Its been since 2months the last update was rolled out.Its still on december security patch.If the new update comes will it be of january or february.What will be the bew features in the update.When will it be rolled...