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is there any diference between gear fit 2 gps and gear fit 2 fitness watch? o is the same thing?
if finally we have to change the note 7, wich phone we can buy? personally i will never buy a iphone, i have ipod and ipad and i dont like them!! i dont want a s7 edge because is like a step back! then wich ones are our options??? and in wich phone w...
since yesterday my note 7 is slow, and sometimes freezed and restart the phone, sometimes restart alone and sometimes i have to force shutdown because block and doesnt work! someone with the same problem? any suggestion
anyone changed his device in qatar?
i called samsung and offcourse they said the replacement is not ready yet, then i went to samsung store in city center and they told me they didnt start yet and they will start this week! im starting to be really relally disapointed! they treat us li...