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When I enabled wi-fi calling, the Mobile data stopped working. Should I disable WiFi-calling always when I want to use Mobile data?1. Is anyone else facing the same issue2. How can I use both Mobile data and enable wifi callingMy device is A50Thanks ...
There is an update available for Game Launcher and Samsung cloud. Do check Galaxy Store - Update section Also seems that the look and feel of Galaxy store has changed as it gave me options to select languages and install apps as it gives during first...
I noticed a major difference between Fingerprint recognition of A50 after I removed Screen guard. Without Screen guard it works as smooth as any other device which had Finger print scanner at the back.My suggestion to all who are facing finger issues...
Go to Galaxy Store to update
- Fingerprint is improved - You can take longer screen shots- Share screen shot from gallery- Put note to screenshots- Decmeber security updates- may receiver ealry UI 2.0