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It'll be really nice if we can get good driver updates for our gpu in M and A series phone and currently it's exclusive to S20 and Note 20(not sure about S21 but I don't think it's available).
Please make individual company section in the app. Like for example, if I go to 'game plugin' from Samsung and there I select the developer brand name 'samsung', I should get to see all the apps made by Samsung, and if I go to Asphalt 8(a videogame) ...
Guess they're doing damage control after some minor complains earlier and major complains after F62 launch. Someone should also make a Megathread for M31s.
That was really difficult to get the proper timing with super slow motion limited to only 1 second recording(I guess it's on 480fps as 1second divided by 8 will lead to 60fps video being played)
Not sure about what changed as there's no proper change log and I've yet to update itedit: Updated, I don't notice anything new