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So a new software update just came in this morning. I am using a uae bought s7 edge. I am not sure exactly if this includes the latest security patch though.
Did samsung took away the option of setting a live wallpaper on your home screen?
Did you know that double tapping the multi window capacitive button let you switch back and forth from the current app to the previous app you are using? Works like an alt+tab function in a desktop. Try and see it for yourself. πŸ˜„
Guys anyone know how to deactivate the access of notification in always on display? It seems that we can access and jump right into the application when we try to double click any of the notification shown in always on display. Idk if this can be dea...
Dear samsung when is the 7.1.1 be available? You promise to skip 7.0 and jump directly to 7.1.1!! When is the update?????!