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YouTube half of the time disconnects and says tab to retry,, and some videos can't be viewed in 720p altho on my other device it does,, is this related to the phone.? Or the app itself? Or?
After using the phone as normal, it was time to try it outside in more extreme conditions,, so i went to the sea, and if u know what sea is,.. Water is salty there, how ever, the phone did pretty well with taking pictures and videos under the water, ...
After latest update 4th of April... Any app that being used to turn of the screen,,it prevents the fingerprint sensor to unlock the device.. And instead, you are forced to enter your pin, password or pattern... I would suggest to remove that,, does a...
Maybe add the music visualizer to the lockscreen..Iike how it was before in previous androids.. It doesn't look like im playing music when im in the lockscreen..